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I have a habit of using my Anime Boston video description as a diary for myself, but I hope you find it intresting.
Let’s start with the good – this video feels more like a video then my Anime Boston 2019 which sometime felt like everyone was posing for a picture. I love that and I hope to get better at that. Also I can say I’ve made a music video for every Anime Boston since 2019…

🎵My Anime Boston Cosplay Music Video from 2019 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKruCZDtLD8

Ok now for the rest – Somehow I was more nervous when creating this video then I was in 2019. I think being away from the con scene for so long just made me nervous all over again. Also, I wasn’t really sure if I was comfortable going to the con / really was going until the Thursday before (despite having a ticket since 2019).
Last time Friday was my great day and Sunday was my lazy day. This time, Friday was my okay day and Sunday was my great day. I captured an estimated 115 cosplayers over the course of those two days. Friday I was really shy and Sunday I forced myself to be less self conscious. Turns out I really hate inconvenience other people. Shout out to my friend who was with me who also helped me by telling me certain cosplayer she wanted me to record.

My camera is from 2012 and is on it’s last leg. I think next time I will have a 4k camera which hopeful also handles low light better. I’m also going to try to practice my gimbal skills. I’ve rarely used it over the pandemic because… you know pandemic. I’m still learning the gear. I also need to practice good camera setting for low light, it a bit tricky when your rushing.

If you don’t see your cosplay in this even though you know I recorded you 1 of 2 things happened. 1 – I captured a ton of people and needed to cut a lot or 2 my camera setting, framing, or the lighting was pretty bad when I recorded you and I didn’t want to bother you by asking to re-record.

I’m hoping my video for 2023 will be sharp, stable and dynamic and I’m going to do my best to be ready well before the con.

If you read all this – sorry for the typo’s and thanks for being awesome.


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