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Looking back, I realized a few things. 1st, I don’t think he was actually mad. and 2nd I totally could have died that day ?. I may be exaggerating a bit, but with the way the story turned out I just realized I seriously selected the wrong path in this story.
While I didn’t really get into fight, if someone asked for a fight I already had it in my head that I would accept. I didn’t care if they were 6 years older than me and taller than me. I didn’t want anyone saying that I was a punk just because I was nice (for the most part). This story may make it sound like I got into a lot of fight in high school. I did not. This is probably the closest thing to a fight I got into in high school. . . but I have some similar stories I’ll share in the future, if I remember.

Oh I forgot to mention, Jack and I bumped into each other years after high school and he asked me to be his videographer for a project he was working on. I just thought that was funny and I declined (for other totally not related reasons ?).

I hope you guys and gals don’t mind the fact that I didn’t ask a question at the start of the video and also that stealthily went into the comment replies. I don’t typically get answers to my question of the day and people tend to click off if I say the words “comment replies” at the end so I’m testing something a little different



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Middle School, Henry Gritton – Solstice

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