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This story actually gets a lot worst before it gets better, but i didn’t want to include that in the video, partly because my brain struggled to make this video. (Watch the video first)…
I over heard multiple paramedics or nurses or whatever telling her that she was faking it and some were getting pretty annoyed because they were so convinced she was faking it. We walked in when one nurse was about to skip running certain test because it was a waste of time. . . luckily my whole group of friends walked into the room at that point. Come to find out that what was going on was actually much worse than an allergic reaction… I sorta hate to make this a race thing because people often have a hard time seeing it, but it’s pretty well know that many hospital workers don’t believe black women when they say they are in pain…
I get where they might think it was fake since it was actually something else… but idk at least say it must be something else instead of saying you think she’s faking her pain for attention… did I mention that part?

ps. I posted this a few min before midnight. I haven’t even gotten a chance to watch it all the way through yet. sorry for any QC mistake.

chromonicci – Vivid. https://chll.to/9ba8c71e


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