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I took a freehand drawing class during my first semester of college and I didn’t expect what would happen.

Bonus Facts – I remember coming to class with my homework. The teacher asked me how much time it took for me to finish the homework. I said something like 4 hours and my classmate (now friend) who told me about what to expect screamed “doubt it”. If I was white, my face would have been red. It was a very strange 2nd class to be in.

Main Question – What’s the craziest thing that happened to you during your first semester of college.

Also, I just realized that I paid 100% of the cost for that class and only got 14/15 of my money’s worth since they forced me to miss my first class. so basically I lost about 200 bucks for that 1 class.

Music Credit –
Love Thang by STBinFL
STBinFL is my friend from high school and I’ve been using his music since 2012. Awesome guy go check out his stuff.


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