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Updated Video Description –
This is a slightly “remastered version” of my day 14 vlog. I figured I would rather have a video I was happy with and donate some money to a good cause rather than uploading a video I didn’t quite like because I was trying to get out of donating money.
That original link can be found here. (for now)

Original Video Description –
Agh this was really close to the buzzer line.
Update – The original made it at 2am but the remastered version was posted at 2:20am. Amazing what an extra 20min can do for a video

I actually didn’t have enough time to upload a thumbnail. Yikes but the video still went up and I uploaded the thumbnail right after.

That story caption shows on screen much longer than I wanted to but I didn’t have time to cancel the rendering to make the changes.
Update – That’s been fixed

This video was fun to make. Just wish I had a bit extra time and also could rerecord. I liked my stuff by the end but it was very much of the top so not sure how that will come across to you all.

agh the music is much louder than I would have liked.
Update – That’s been fixed


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