Hey I wrote stuff below…. maybe you wanna read it?


Maybe this only happens to me, But I find that I often feel confused when I run into friends.

What do you gals and guys think of the music? Please be honest.

Please watch the video before reading the next line



Okay, so this is my first vlog video that I recorded out of order. I recorded all my left lines than right lines, then front lines. It was a strange experience. But it helped me make sure everything was in focus. Also it helped me record faster. Hopefully thats the trend moving forward.
It was fun seeing everything come together in the edit. This feels like what movie editing must feel like since it’s all out of order.

I’m working on ways to automate the workflow after I’ve labeled all the footage, hopefully this process will become more efficient and allow me to focus on what I’m saying rather than how long it going to take to sort the footage.


Hey People of the Internet and Beyond! How’s it going? Good? Great! Bad? That sucks.


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