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First and for most, shout out to MeloChello for all her help in making two graphic for me. Huuuuuge help and motivation boost.

This is the epic (lol) story of my adventures to DC to see Obama get sworn into his 2nd term in office. I don’t believe I’ve ever talked about this before in this much detail, which is funny because I cut out a lot, a lot, a lot of detail to hopefully give the story a direction and point lol.

To explain the “post credits” of this video, a lot of things went wrong since my last video and this video. A large part of that just being lazy, but also my camera would stop recording seemingly randomly (I think it was over heating), my tablet I was writing and developing this story on stopped charging (it’s about 7 years old so I guess that makes sense, but it was new to me) and my audio recorders batteries died on one of my recordings.

In all I probably recorded this video a dozen time, no exaggeration.
It’s not failure it was all a tech and dress rehearsal, (is what I tell myself)

I’ve learned how to keep my camera from over heating and bought a new Surface Pro and I’m trying my best to make sure my batteries are always charged on my DSLR and my Audio Recorder. Speaking of which I should go charge them right now.


Hey People of the Internet and Beyond! How’s it going? Good? Great! Bad? That sucks.

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