Hey I wrote stuff below…. maybe you wanna read it?


Turns out I published this video on the wrong channel O_O. That channel has no videos. That not really a good excuse but anyway here it is.

Video 5 of 16. Feel free to check out my channels and see video 1 – 4.

I actually made this video 2 times this week. The first time I felt I was way to serious and mellow and I personally would stop watching my own video if I kept that voice. So the 2nd time I try to be more hyped. This was a scary thing to happen but in the end no one got hurt according to my memory (though some peoples cars did get damaged) so I thought I could cover it this a more upbeat mood. Really bad music choice for this video. REALLY BAD. I never actually watched my video after setting the music but I feel this one would have been better even without music. (live and learn or should i re upload?

PS. This is the new video. (slightly edited)
First upload can be found here as proof but shrug. Whether or not it counts as an on time post is up to y’all.

That link will likely be deleted after 1 week so… yeah.

Ps. I lost my main audio for this video. Let me know if you can tell the difference between this an another recent video of mine recorded in the same space.


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