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Hiking with my church was fun but never did i think google maps would lead me off the right path. And also never thought I would be so lost while hiking

No this is not my new backdrop. But it might be though. Thing is my ceiling in my room isn’t quite tall enough to make this look normal. I was in the middle of another video shoot for another project and thought I should probably vlog right then in my slight “free time” if I wanted any chance at posting a video this week. The people in the room got to hear me “vlog talk” before recording. They all commented about how I said different things before recording. I wonder if they thought I was better or worst on camera.

Music – I was thinking about using this song in my last video but it didn’t vibe. I think it works a lot better in this one.

4 videos down at least 8 more to go, but I’m going for 12 more! I’m planning on recording another vlog sunday morning and editing it through out the week. Hopeful that will allow me to finish editing videos much earlier. Video was recorded after sunset.

For another week this is another buzzer beater with the video going up during the last seconds of the week.


Hey People of the Internet and Beyond! How’s it going? Good? Great! Bad? That


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