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This video is with my amazing girlfriend. I really wanted to make way more videos with her this year, but stuff happens. BUT TODAY we took some time to talk about this crazy white water rafting trip we went on. The video is a little “long” (I guess) but I think it’s funny and it was super fun to make. We actually cut a HUGE chunk of the video out to keep it short. Maybe that will be a video in the future… Hmmm who knows. We actually recorded this video (or something like it) at Vidcon but the audio was so bad that we never bothered to edit it or anything. Anyway – if you read this far feel free to let me know what your super hero name would be!

ps. This video hasn’t gotten any comment yet (which I usually have 2 or 3 by now. Hmmm This reminds me of the idea of one for them (the views) and one for us (the creators). The idea that it’s easy for creators to become slaves to their audience (for comments and interactions and views) and to combat that you need to make 1 video for the audience and one for yourself (aka a video you really like making) probably didn’t do a great job explaining this but will do my best to explain it in the future. I guess this would be a 1 for me. It was really fun to make and I’m proud of how it turned out.


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