Hey I wrote stuff below…. maybe you wanna read it?


I really kinda hate this video… lol so many things went wrong… a huge amount of footage corrupted right before i uploaded the video…. and the song name I pose at the end is false because I was rushing to just get it uploaded…..

Update – I recoved the footage…. so I cut and paste the footage from my SD card to my computer…. and I guess I hit Control Z by mistake (when another SD card was inserted) so it removed it from my 1SD card can my harddrive and moved it to my 2nd SD card…. go figure. That was close. Don’t even want to think what would happen if I didn’t have an SD loaded when I hit control z

I now like this video! I feel like I have won the battle. Plus having the footage means the video is the way I edited instead being a abridge video of what I was thinking. I guess if you read all of this, let me know if computer messing up have ever made you freak out? Extra points if it was during finals week. Sorry no annotation on this video for maybe 24 hours cause… i need to rush to bed now since I spent so much time trying to get those files lol. Hope it’s worth it. (aka all the files at Vidcon in the video and the picture of me meeting Swoozie)


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