This morning at 1am ish, I made many vlogs for you but when I got home they were all corrupted!

I finally fixed the problem but it was too late to edit the original vlogs so I made this video to explain whats going on and let you all understand the little frustration I’ve faced. It could be much worst and I’m very happy it’s not. And also very happy that the files were recovered. Hopefully the files stay fixed and next week we have a normal video for you all. This video was done so fast…. I didn’t even remember to set my white balance. Please bare with me.

Hey People of the Internet and Beyond! How’s it going? Good? Great! Bad? That sucks.

[Update – 1/25/2016] If you are reading this, AWESOME. You are part of the few people who take the time to read my thoughts instead of just watch it. I just wonder if you are going to comment. I’m pretty sure you’re not going to but I wonder why. What could I do to make you want to comment on my video? Do you actually watch the video to the point where I ask question? Do you just click away when you hear me asking a question? I feel like asking you to leave a comment answering this, but you might think I’m just doing that to get more comments but its just cause it’s the only real way for me to communicate with you all. For a guy with 230 subs (well 229), I would how even 2 percent of you would comment for a grand total of 4 unique commenters. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want pity comments, just wondering what I could do to help people who want to comment comment…. or get people to comment instead of just coming up to me IRL and telling me what they thought of my video… which i guess is normal for life…. aw well. Pardon all the typos. I wonder what I will think in like 1 year when I look at this again. Anyway thanks for reading all of this. You are awesome!


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