This is how I spent my New Years Eve and Weekend. There’s so much more that happened that weekend that I didn’t vlog. Sorry I’m still getting used to this style of vlogging and sometime I prefer to live the moment instead of living it behind my camera. I haven’t done wake around vlogs in a long time. It was recorded on my phone because carrying around a DSLR is kinda hard at times. I like how my girlfriend has a better on camera personality (and off camera) than me. Didn’t see that coming. Probably should get her in more of my vlogs.

Fireworks in Boston than Boda Bord Boston / Boda Borg Malden. It was fun! But also went to Church on NY Eve, drank soup in the new years, went to church again on Saturday then went to a Gala on Sunday. Just had a great time over all.

Song – Underwater Asgard – Ricky D


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