What’s Boston has been like for me after 4-15
-I’m going to be making a better video of this (I make no promise thought)

Link to Obama’s short message to stay to the runners and the volunteers :

Boston 1 day after
Didn ‘t go into Boston because of lock down’s

Boston 2 days after
So I went into Boston today. I walked around taking pictures. Police officers, FBI agent, guys in white suits and Military on every corner. I wasn’t to shocked by the Police officers but the Military being there was kinda insane. Seeing a solider with an loaded m4 rifle in his hand standing about 10 feet from where I was more than a little creepy, even more so when you’re trying to get as close to them as you possible can with a camera pointed at their face. Guys in white suits sweeping the whole are picking up any little piece of material they thought could be helpful. They were organized and methodical. They lined 4 feet apart from each other span the whole width of the street, and walked down step by step examining the ground and the whole unit stop when any of them found something. The city was quite. Extremely quite. It’s vacation week for public school in Massachusetts which is normally when Boston is really noisy. Street performance, musician, and families from all over the Bay State area, but today it was just… quite. I got a chance to talk to people who were at the finish line during the blasts and other who finished the race 2min prior. My friend was around that scene but he was fine. Hearing their stories only make it more unbelievable and surreal. I stood near the cops for maybe 3 hours over the course of the whole day listening to them talk amongst each other about the latest news that was being sent directly to them. Press trucks everywhere. News reporters asking cellphone photographers to move so that they could “go live”. I spoke to student from my school too afraid to even approach the barricade of the crime scene. I watched as News reported tried to find out what was going on by listening to pedestrians and myself, but still it was quite. Extremely quite.

Everyone was friendly, beside a few jerks here and there. You could clearly tell something happen.

Boston 3 days after….
watch the video from 2:08

Boston 4 days after
I didnt go into Boston because of the lock downs.


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