For all the people who think my job is easy…
well think about how hard it was to do this.
Im stuck in a flood on a van with 4 pain in the neck kids, that don’t follow rules, for an hour and a half.

a) I can’t really go anywhere cause i gotta keep an eye on the kids, and keep them calm.
b) I have to try to get the van un-stuck an get these pain in the necks to school
c) Live thur an hour and 1/2 of kids saing “Are we gonna be here forever?” and “I wanna go to school!”

Car number:
1) Was stuck before our van was. We couldn’t see that there was a flood cuz it was raining hard. By the way this person got out cause they broke there sun roof and climb out the top.

2) Got stuck cause she thought her SUV could make it threw.

3) An old lady drives her car into the flood, after I warned her. There was no rain so she could see the damage that had happen. She get stuck and get a cop to push her car out. -the cop get me to do it- I push the car out but to bad the cars already dead. The only thing that happen from pushing her car was the didn’t get wet. Big deal -The car coast like $40,000.00 and all that money was wasted cause she didn’t pay attention to warnings.
By the way this video was shot after 1hour of sunshine. In other word. The water was higher. At this time it was about 2ft high so lets say about 2 1/2-3ft when we just got stuck


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